Christmas Party Jokes Games

These Christmas party jokes games will amplify your amusement and magnify your merriment. Goofy games, wordplay, funny stuff, humongous hilarity, big fun. You won't even need to spike the eggnog.

Christmas Party Jokes Games
"Face The Cookie"

ChImage of two guys playing the game "Face The Cookie."ristmas Party Jokes Games:

Gleeful, guilt-free way to consume your Christmas cookies:

Two people sit side-by-side in chairs. They each tilt their head back and place a cookie on their forehead. When someone says go, each person tries to jiggle the cookie down their face, around their nose, and into their mouth. If the cookie falls off their face they have to start over with the same cookie or a new one.

This is not easy! The facial expressions alone will have the rest of you rolling on the floor.

Christmas Party Jokes Games
"Story Detective"

Often hilarious game for groups of five or more, with a big twist. Creativity gets exposed in very funny ways. Note: At least some players have to not know this game for it to work:

Some number of people (usually 2-4) volunteer to leave the room while the rest of the people (the core group) stay in the main room to make up a quick story. Then, one at a time, the volunteers come back into the room and try to guess the story, asking only "yes or no" questions.

BUT - here’s the twist - no story will be made up!  When the story detective asks a question that ends in a vowel or a “y," the story writers answer “yes.” When the volunteer asks a question that ends in a consonant, the answer is “no.”

So the story will be entirely written by the unsuspecting volunteer detective and his or her own crazy brain. It can be wildly funny. So it’s important that the core group “story writers” have the rules down, so they know when to answer yes and no.

You can let this go on with each volunteer as long as you want, but usually five minutes or so is plenty. You don’t want to keep the others waiting too long for their turn.

As each volunteer finishes their story, they can then become part of the core group that answers the yes or no questions. It's a blast seeing what each person comes up with, and what goofy directions they go.

Two things:

1. Make sure the volunteers who leave the room can’t hear what’s going on in the core group.

2. Obviously, the volunteer story detectives have to be people who have never played this game before. You can tell them it’s a contest to see which of them can figure out the story in the fewest questions.

Our family busted several guts playing this game. Enjoy!

This Might Just Save Your Party...

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Christmas Party Jokes Games
"The Merger"

To save time, money, and to pool resources, Christmas and Hanukkah are merging. So new holiday songs are needed that work for both religions. Here’s a short list to get you started. See what “holy” inspiring titles you can come up with.

Oy Come All Ye Faithful
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, So Finish Eating Already
Matzoh Balls, Matzoh Balls, Matzoh All The Way
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, And What, I Should Have Waited Up?
Spin Yourself A Merry Little Dreydl
O Little Town of Bethlehem, Do You Have Chinese Food?
(... your turn ...)

Christmas Party Jokes Games

Very funny game that combines password and charades. Everyone is given three slips of paper. On each slip, each person writes a thing to be identified: an object, event, animal, person, superhero, whatever. Three different things, one on each of the three slips.

All the slips are put into a bowl. The group is divided into two teams. One player also acts as timer.

PART 1: A player from team 1 draws a slip from the bowl and has to describe it verbally until his team guesses correctly. The player can't say any part of what is written on the paper.

He has 30 seconds to see how many he can get his team to guess correctly. Keep score. Then a player from Team 2 goes next and does the same thing. This continues, alternating teams, until all the slips are gone.

PART 2: All the slips are put back in the bowl. The player whose turn would have been next in Part 1 goes first. The player draws a slip but this time has to act out whatever's on the slip, like charades, using no words or sounds.

Same 30 seconds to see how many his team can get right. Continues as before, alternating teams, until all the slips are gone. Keep score.

PART 3: All the slips are put back in the bowl. The player who would have had the next turn in Part 2 goes first. He picks a slip and this time gets to use only one word, like password, but only ONE time, to clue his teammates.

By now everybody is pretty familiar with the answers, so this can go pretty quick. Continue till all slips are gone. Keep score.

Add up the scores from all three rounds, see who won, although by this time you've laughed so much you probably don't care.

Christmas Party Jokes Games
"Bad Present"

We’ve all had the dubious pleasure of receiving a gift that is SO not what we want, and we never know quite what to say. Check out this list of best responses, then come up with your own set of zingers.

1. Gosh, I just can’t wear this. Other people would be so jealous.
2. Wow - that is SOME present!
3. Honestly, I don’t deserve this.
4. I can’t wait to grow into it.
5. It’s hard to put my feelings into words.
(... go for it! ...)

Christmas Party Jokes Games

Christmas Party Jokes Games: Photo of fruitcake with funny quote: "There Is Only One Fruitcake in the world. It just keeps getting passed from house to house."

Johnny Carson’s running Christmas gag was that there is actually only one fruitcake in the world, and it just gets passed around year after year. Most people have heard of fruitcake, but many aren’t even sure what it is. So unleash the silly cells in your brain, and brainstorm some fruitcake definitions, like these.

A fruitcake is:
1. What you feel like when you’re trying to find a parking space at the mall during Christmas.
2. Something you only give to people you don’t like.
3. The world’s most non-tempting dessert.
(... insert your gem here ...)

"Fruitcake," Part 2

Now come up with your best uses for a fruitcake:
1. Door stopper
2. Pigeon food
3. Paperweight
4. Doggie chew toy
5. Hot air balloon ballast
(... what's bubbling up in your brain? ...)

Four Men On A Couch

This really fun game was sent in by a JokeQuote subscriber. It's so good, it's got its own page.

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