Four Men on a Couch

by Samuel Corey
(Overland Park, KS, USA)

This is a fun, challenging memory game. The object of the game is to maneuver your teammates so that four of them occupy the couch. The first team to get four people on the couch wins.

The game works best with at least 10 people playing. (If you have fewer than 10 you may consider playing Three Men on a Couch and adjust the seating arrangement a tad).

Divide the group into 2 equal teams and sit in a circle, with every other person on the same team. There are only two important things about the circle you all sit in. First, it must include a couch where four people can sit comfortably. Secondly, there must be one empty chair in the circle.

Begin by handing everyone playing a slip of paper and have them write their name down on it. Collect all the slips, shuffle them, and redistribute. Everyone will now have a slip of paper with a name on it (probably not their own). Let the game begin!

The procedure for play is as follows: whoever is sitting to the left of the open chair (facing the circle) will call out one of the names. Whoever is currently holding the slip of paper with the called name will stand up and move to the open chair. Once seated, he or she will trade slips of paper with the person on their left (this is the same person who just called out the name). It is very important to remember to trade slips once you move spots - don't forget!

That is all there is to it. Continue playing in the same manner, with the person to the left of the new open chair calling out a name. As the game goes on, try to remember where each name is sitting, and work to open up spots on the couch and fill them with your teammates for victory.

Good luck and enjoy!

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Dec 29, 2012
I like this one a LOT
by: Greg

Excellent game. I've played this and it's a blast. Quite a memory tester, and lots of laughs even if your brain cells aren't working.

One way to take it up a notch is to have everyone make up a fake funny name, instead of using their own. Makes the memory work that much harder, and the fake names make for some good laughs.

Thanks for submitting!

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