Funny Zoom Meetings

When was the last time you had an actual fun - or even funny Zoom meeting?

"The only problem with all these Zoom meetings
is that most of them are so boring!"
- Greg Tamblyn

Here's a simple and hilarious solution: a zoom meeting that starts with sharing clean, funny jokes. Everybody gets to take a turn reading at least one great joke out loud.

That's basically the strategy in a nutshell: it's a joke session to start your meeting.

Now you might be thinking: Really? That's all there is to it?

Well, almost!

I've been testing this for a couple of years and it works like magic if you have the right jokes. In a minute I'll show you the feedback and customer reviews to prove it.

Right now, after the pandemic in this new era of connecting online - what we all want more than ever is to laugh.

Don't know any good clean jokes? No problem! That's why you're here at JokeQuote. You can download my own personal collection of almost 100 tried and tested very funny jokes, appropriate for all ages and preferences. Just read on.

Here's how your funny zoom meeting works:

Funny Zoom Meeting - Option 1:
You Don't Have Time To Search For Jokes,
And You Want The Very Best Ones

Photo of girl smiling at something on her laptop.
Photo of girl smiling at something on her laptop.

In about two minutes from now you can have 98 of the absolute funniest jokes ever dreamed up, appropriate for ages 8 to 108. You can download them in a pdf file and keep them forever. You can copy-and-paste however many jokes you like to each person in your zoom party group.

But don't send them the whole pdf! Only the jokes YOU want THEM to read to the group.

This is an actual game I created and make available here at JokeQuote. It's called MilkSnort! The Joke Game. Hundreds of people have bought it, played it, and tested it.

Here's a video of me telling one of the jokes in MilkSnort!

Download MilkSnort! safely and securely in a few seconds.
The simple instructions are included.


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Funny Zoom Meeting - Option 2:

If You're Too Cheap To Spend $2.99

Let's say you have 8 people attending your zoom meeting. (Or if not zoom, whatever conference software you prefer.) Use the menu above and spend however long you like browsing this site until you have found 16 jokes that YOU think are perfect for your group. Email each person TWO of your 16 jokes. Make sure you send everyone different jokes!

In your email, let each person know your zoom meeting will start with jokes, and each person will get to make the whole group laugh by reading their joke(s) out loud.

When it's time to play, and everyone has checked in, make sure each person can hear and be heard. You want everyone to NOT be muted so you all can hear each other laugh.

Remind everybody that this is a joke game. (After all this social distancing, we're all ready to laugh. I promise you.) Let everybody know they'll have more fun if they can minimize distractions. No TV or music or kids playing in the background. Only people in the room who are either playing, or paying attention.

Ask who would like to start, or offer to start yourself.

Usually what happens is after a couple of jokes, everybody wlse wants to go next. Most folks never get to make people laugh with a great joke because they can't remember jokes. But with MilkSnort! they can.

Usually it works best to have each person just tell one joke, then do another round. Of course you can do as many rounds as you like if you send them enough jokes.


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