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Contain Anti-Depressive Material

These Funny Jokes, Quotes, And Sayings Contain Anti-Depressive Material.

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Funny Jokes Of The Day, #1

Funny Jokes Of The Day, #1

Jokes Of The Day, #2

Jokes Of The Day, #2

Diner Shiner

Four engineering professors met for burgers at the local diner. As the food arrived, they noticed that the pepper shaker contained salt, and the salt shaker contained pepper.

Immediately they gave themselves the challenge of solving this engineering puzzle: how could they get the contents of the two shakers back into the correct bottles, using only what was on the table and without spilling any salt or pepper.

They brainstormed several ideas, modified one them, and finally came up with a solution involving a spoon, a straw, an empty coffee cup, and a napkin.

They sent for their waitress so she could watch them demonstrate their ingenuity.
When she came to the table, they said, “We noticed that the salt shaker contains pepper and the pepper shaker contains salt….”

But before they could say anything else, she said, “Sorry about that.”

Then she grabbed the two shakers and switched the caps.

Funny Saying Of The Day

Funny Saying Of The Day

Spotted At A Pub In Wales...

Jokes Of The Day, #3

Jokes Of The Day, #3

No Speako Your Lingo

A Swiss man driving in France needs directions. He stops at a corner where two guys are standing. They happen to be American.

He says, "Excusez-moi, parlez vous Francais?” The two Americans just shrug.

He tries German. “Sprichst du Deutsch?” The Americans just look at each other and shake their heads.

The Swiss man switches to Spanish. "Hablan ustedes Espanol?” Another shrug.

He tries Italian. "Parlare Italiano?” Again, no response.

He drives off in a huff. One of the American guys says, “You know, maybe we should learn another language.”

His friends says, "What for? That guy knew four languages and it didn’t do him any good.”

Funny Comeback Of The Day

Funny Comeback Of The Day

Baseball coach Rocky Bridges, when asked why he refused to eat snails:

“I prefer fast food.”

Funny Quote Of The Day

Funny Quote Of The Day

Wars are easy, daughters are hard.
- Rob Stark, Game of Thrones

Funny One-Liner Joke Of The Day

Funny One-Liner Joke Of The Day

We learn from experience that men never learn anything from experience.
- George Bernard Shaw

Funny Jokes Of The Day #4:


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