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Funny Jokes Of The Day, #1

Hotel Bathroom in Wales:
What's wrong with this picture?

Toilet in Wales min-tiny

Funny Jokes Of The Day, #2

The European difference between heaven and hell

In Heaven,
the police are British
the mechanics are German
the cooks are French
the lovers are Italian
and the whole thing is run by the Swiss.

In Hell,
the cooks are British
the police are German
the mechanics are French
the lovers are Swiss
and the whole thing is run by the Italians.

Funny Saying Of The Day

Not exactly appetizing...


Jokes Of The Day, #3

Tech Support

A father’s computer freezes up, so he calls in his 15 year old son for help. The son takes a look, clicks a couple of things, and the problem is solved.
The man asks his son, “So what was wrong, anyway?”
The son replies, “No big deal. Just an I.D. Ten T. error.”
The dad says, “I’ve never heard of that. What’s an I.D. Ten T. error?”
The son says, “Write it down, then it’ll make sense.”
The dad writes it out:

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Funny Comeback Of The Day

Golfer Arnold Palmer, stuck in a sand trap without a shot, to legendary sportswriter Jim Murray:
“You’re always writing about Hogan. What would Hogan do in this situation?”

“Hogan wouldn’t be in this situation.”

Funny Quote Of The Day

"Watching your daughter being collected by her date feels like handing over a million dollar Stradivarius to a gorilla."
- Jim Bishop

Funny One-Liner Joke Of The Day

"What I look forward to is continued immaturity followed by death."
- Dave Barry

Funny Jokes Of The Day #4:

Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun...

Sir Woofchesters Dog Drinks min-tiny


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