Thanksgiving Humor

Thanksgiving humor that goes down even better than Rolaids Pie for dessert. Gobble at your leisure.

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Thanksgiving Humor
Group 1

Thanksgiving Humor: Image of cartoon "Chef Turkey" holding a placard with caption: "This Thanksgiving may I suggest a goose?" Happy Thanksgiving from

This holiday season remember: Carbs you eat while hiding in the closet from your family don’t count.
- Betty @BoomBoomBetty

In the debate over pumpkin pie vs. pecan pie, the only winners are those who choose mashed potatoes and privacy.
- Annie Hatfield @HatfieldAnne

Jessica on Facebook wants to know what you’re cooking for Thanksgiving and to let you know you can make it gluten free if you just try harder.
- Funny_Frittata @SF_incognito

It's not Thanksgiving until the power struggle of Mom wanting to watch the Macy's Day Parade goes up against Dad's desire to watch football
- Zack ‏@Mr_Kapowski

Thanksgiving Humor

Group 2

THANKSGIVING GAME: nobody gets pie until you go around the table & everyone has to say "climate change is real”
- Aparna Nancheria @aparnapkin

This Thanksgiving go around the table and say what you think someone should have thanked you for.
- Chris Gayner @chrisgayner

I love the way the sweetness of this pumpkin pie pairs so well with the tartness of this 5th Budweiser.
- Lady Lawya @Parkerlawyer

I’m holding a Thanksgiving potluck. I’m gonna smoke pot & whoever’s hungry, I wish them luck!
- Bette Midler

I'm in a serious relationship with turkey and gravy.
- Jandalize @Jandalize

Mashed potatoes are like a hug for your soul.
- molly @MollySneed

Fact: Thanksgiving is mostly just an excuse for people to say “moist” over and over and over and over and
- The Untastic Mr. Fitz @UnFitz

Dinner’s in 8 hours. I better start defrosting the relationship with my wife.
- Rick Aaron @RickAaron

Thanksgiving Humor:
Turkey Prank

My little sister invited me to her first effort at cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I’m a bit of a prankster and decided to have some fun with her. While I was putting together the desserts I convinced her I needed more whipped cream for the pies and sent her off to the store.

While she was gone, I took the turkey out of the oven, pulled out all the stuffing, inserted a small Cornish hen, re-stuffed the turkey, and put it back in the oven.

Later, when the turkey was done, my sister started to remove the stuffing and her spoon hit something. She worked the spoon around until she was able to pull out the Cornish hen.

I yelled, “Oh my God, Sis! You’ve roasted a pregnant bird!”

My sister looked utterly crushed at what she’d done and started to cry.

It took us an hour to convince her that turkeys lay eggs.

Thanksgiving Humor

Group 3

Funny black and white photo of man and woman at dinner table. The man holds a turkey leg with his mouth open, the woman holds a fork. Caption: " Sorry. Did you want some too?"

Wife: *Googling turkey recipes*
Me: *Googling restaurants open on Thanksgiving*
- Chad Read @squirrel74wkgn

Got my boob stuck in the gravy boat again.
- Jocelyn Plums @ColoradoUgly

It's very simple; you either like Pumpkin pie, or you're wrong.
- Jackie Bouvier @jackiembouvier

This whole having to wait for the turkey to be fully cooked is just another lie fed to us by Big Emergency Room!
- TheAlexNevil @TheAlexNevil

Even if you’re dyslexic and spell it grayv, you’re not wrong
- Zack @Mr_Kapowski

Thanksgiving Humor

Group 4

*puts on safety goggles for Thanksgiving dinner because of last year’s wishbone shrapnel incident*
- John Lyon @JohnLyonTweets

My mom is the one who starts the fight on Thanksgiving but naturally I’m the one who gets removed from the casino
- Bridger Winegar @bridger_w

Missed connection:
You were camped outside at BestBuy for ThanksGetting... 
I was chucking cranberry sauce at you from a white Chevy Impala...
- WhatserName™ @IamEveryDayPpl

If you didn't want me to write a Yelp review, you shouldn't have invited me to Thanksgiving dinner.
- Just Bill @WilliamAder

Today is the best day to blame passing out from too much vodka on the turkey.
- Jess @Jessdaisy

Someone came over and said they baked a sweet potato pie. It's a yam pie. Have I taught you people nothing?
- Ellen DeGeneres

*brings whipped cream to bed*
Husband: Ohh, are we trying something new?
Me: Will you hold this pumpkin pie while I get comfortable?
- Doktor J ‏@doktorj

Thanksgiving Humor
Group 5

I don't mean to brag, but Mama buys me my own can of whipped cream.
- WittySassBasket™ @WittySassBasket

"Can I eat this entire leftover pie?" and "Should I eat this entire leftover pie?" are two valid, distinct philosophical questions and I will consider them once I am done with this pie.
- Earthman Adam @AdamOfEarth

“May he who has never finished all the leftovers because he couldn’t find the goddamn lid that fit on the Tupperware cast the first stone.” -Duderotomy, 4:22
- AmishPornStar™ @AmishPornStar1

Last Thanksgiving my new dessert really hit the spot: Pepto-Bismol pie.
- Melanie White

Eat. Drink. Embrace gratitude. Don't kill anyone. Happy Thanksgiving!
- TattleTaleSister Ⓥ @TattleTSister

Older photo of woman in bathing suit with a turkey on a leash, and caption: "Prize Bird"

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