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Donald Trump Jokes

"Inventor of Big Mac dies at ripe old age of 98. So Trump might be around for awhile." Laugh it up with these Donald Trump jokes & funny quotes.

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Top 30 Republican Jokes

"A conservative is a man who believes that nothing should be done for the first time." Republican Jokes: laugh your way to the voting booth.

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Funny Jokes. Funny Quotes. Funny Sayings.

Newest funny jokes of the day. Funny quotes, sayings, photos, songs, videos and more. ADVISORY: This site contains anti-depressive material.

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Warped & Wacky Funny Christmas Songs

Funny Christmas songs: "It's Another Joyful Elvis Presley Christmas" was Christmas Single of the Year, and "The Reindeer Song" is true dark humor!

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Top 40 New Year Jokes and Funny Quotes

"Going to a New Years Eve party without wearing a tracking device is just asking for trouble." Get high on these new year jokes and you won't get a hangover.

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Top 30 Best Christmas Jokes

"I need to decorate. My neighbors keep wishing me a Happy Hanukkah." Fasten your sleigh-belt! Hold onto your reindeer! Here’s the best Christmas jokes we unwrapped this year.

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Top 30 Christmas One Liners

"If you've ever watched a butcher wrap pork chops, you've seen me wrapping Christmas presents." You'll feel much finer with these Christmas one liners! More like this...

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Extra Spicy Xmas Jokes

"The opposite of mistletoe is a fedora." These xmas jokes are a little naughty, a little nice. So full of Christmas spice you might have to read 'em twice.

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Valentines Jokes & One Liners

"You can't buy love, but you can pay heavily for it." Valentines jokes, quotes, and one-liners that’ll ease your freeze if you got no squeeze.

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Really Funny Stuff: Jokes About Everything

Really funny stuff: Practical Joke Ideas, Funny Lists, and Favorite Jokes of the Day. Hilarious stuff to help you vibrate at the frequency of fun.

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Jesus Jokes

"If you don't sin, Jesus died for nothing." Jesus Jokes: popular with everybody except Puritans and Spanish Inquisitors.

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Hilarious Quotes About Women

Hilarious quotes and funny sayings about women. As Mark Twain said, “What would men be without women? Scarce, sir, mighty scarce.”

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