Practical Jokes Revenge

Practical jokes revenge for whatever they did to you. Hilarious stuff for payback time. As Garry Shandling once said, “Don’t get mad, get funny.” Get yourself some laughs by getting them back with these very funny joke ideas.

Hilarious Stuff:
"Wedding Hijinks"

Many years ago a friend of mine had a friend who was getting married. The soon-to-be groom was quite the prankster and had “helicoptered” my friend in the church aisle at his own wedding. Flash forward many years and it’s time to get “revenge.” My friend enlisted me to show up at the wedding as a pregnant bride. Which, of course, I am silly enough to do.
So, at the reception, when the bride and groom go to cut the cake, I waddle in from the back of the reception hall (in my “something blue” slippers – after all, pregnant women get swollen feet), totally indignant that the groom had left me at another church waiting and all the while was HERE getting married to someone else.
I even had the chance to talk to the groom’s father beforehand to get some delightful tidbits to drop. (Like the fact that he had “supposedly” gone on a guys’ fishing trip seven months earlier. Oh, sure!)
Luckily, both the real bride and groom had great senses of humor and went along with the gag. Somewhere there is a picture of me and the groom on the dance floor, fat belly and all.
- Chris Mitchell

Practical Jokes Revenge: "Office Payback"

Here's one I'm a little ashamed of. This is something I would never do today in my kinder wiser dotage, but I was young and not as tuned in.
One of the gals in the office was afraid of mice. I didn't know how afraid. One day before she came in, I put a toy mouse in her typewriter, positioned so that when she started typing, the keys would bounce the mouse up.
I was in my office when I heard a harrowing scream. Everyone ran into the central area and the subject was plastered against the wall and shaking. I felt bad and the rest of the office was not happy with me. I was properly chastised.
A few days later, when the inner office mail came through, I was sorting it and found one addressed to me. It seemed way too light to have anything in it, so I shook it and held it up to the light…….where I beheld a large black spider, a LIVE one! I AM terrified of spiders. If I'd opened it, I may have had a heart attack. They got me back.
- Sally Miller

Practical Jokes Revenge:
"New Car"

Last year, the man I was dating had just bought a new car. We were going out to dinner on April 1st, so I snuck out to his car beforehand and put a note under the driver side windshield wiper that said “Sorry about the dent on the passenger side, but I have no insurance and no money to pay for it.”
Then I left another note on the passenger side saying, “Enjoy your April Fool’s Day.”
He was quite upset after the first note, but relieved after the second note. And I did hear threats of revenge/retaliation for some time after that.
- Jan Foss

Practical Jokes Revenge: "Hospital Hijinks"

Ardelle, a fellow-nurse, and i were always taking verbal jabs at each other. One day she really got me good. I told her God was going to get her for that one.
I waited about a month. (Ardelle could bake and decorate beautiful cakes, but she didn’t know I could, too.) So, after about a month, I went home from work one day and put a cake in the oven. I baked it at about 500 degrees for several hours, until it was black and hard as a rock. Then I frosted and decorated it beautifully. I wrote on it, “To Ardelle From God.”
I got to work early and displayed it prominently in the employee lunch room and disappeared. No one saw me. All morning everyone was asking who brought in the lovely cake, and couldn’t wait until break time when Ardelle would cut it. Then there was laughter all afternoon after Ardelle cut into it. And yes, by the end of the day, Ardelle figured out who it was really from.
- Ellen

Practical Jokes Revenge: "Husband Comes Home"

When my husband is out of town I think up ways of punishing him for being away from me. Like, I’ll take all the batteries out of the remote controls. He comes home and the first thing he does is try to turn on the TV or the stereo and I love to watch when he starts to go crazy wondering why none of them work.
Or I’ll sneak into the bathroom while he’s taking a shower and take all the towels. Then I’ll hide and watch while he walks around the house naked and dripping, looking for a towel.

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