Jesus Was A Bachelor

Jesus Was A Bachelor

A  Comedy Song About Marriage - With A Twist

Written and performed by Greg Tamblyn, Head Lafologist at JokeQuote

Update Nov 4, 2016: This is one of 18 finalists in the EmPower Posi Music Awards. Winners announced Feb 26, 2017.

Here's a song with comedic lines, catchy music, and a surprise ending that'll either tie your shorts in a knot, or make you fist pump your spouse.

(Don't believe me? Check out the comments at the bottom.)

It was recorded live, for a lively audience of 600 people. Half the fun is listening to them go crazy.

Take a listen to this 2 minute sample. The whole song is about 5 minutes, and you can download it here in a few seconds for only 99¢.

Click the "play" arrow at left to hear the sample:


The Story Behind The Song

I was talking with a friend, and we agreed that a good marriage usually requires a fair amount of work. You could call it a "growth opportunity."

One of us jokingly observed that marriage took so much effort, both Jesus and Buddha decided to pass. That struck me as highly amusing, and the title flashed in my head: "Jesus Was A Bachelor." When the title makes you smile, you're usually off to a good start.

As the idea rolled around in my brain, I came up with that first verse you heard in the sample. When I thought of the line, "I'm gonna get my twelve best buds, go drink wine and fish," I felt I was on to something.

The next two verses came fairly easily, with more lines that - and I say this humbly - actually cracked me up when I thought of them.

At that point the song felt finished. But then events in the news prompted more ideas and two more verses. This is where the song takes an unexpected turn, which leads to a surprise ending.

So where does it go? How does it end?

Download the song and find out! It's only 99¢.

You can use your paypal account or credit card - totally safe - just takes a few seconds.

You'll not only get a fun song you can share with friends, you'll be supporting, and help me keep advertising off pages like this.

Download it now - play it for your next party, family dinner, board meeting, or use it to really loosen up your yoga class.

Guaranteed to make you laugh, or double your funny back!

Download "Jesus Was A Bachelor" Now:


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