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Donald Trump Starts New Reality Show About Deporting Immigrants.
It's Called ‘Catapult’

Donald Trump Jokes, Group 1

I'm in rural Mississippi for Thanksgiving. People own lots of guns. Suddenly, over venison chili, I voted for Trump.
- Randy Smith [email protected]_Finder

Trump was asked if he was excited about Black Friday. He said, “Wait a minute, they get a day too?”
- Albert Brooks [email protected]

Trump: We are going to make America great again.
Native Americans: Sweet, so you are giving it back to us then?
- Grover [email protected]

Donald Trump Jokes
Group 2

It's ironic that Trump is unwilling to put his assets in a blind trust, given that blind trust is what got him elected.
- ♫ karl straub♩ [email protected]

I feel sorry for Melania Trump. She never wanted the political life. Plus the old gypsy lady said Donald would be dead by now.
- Jamie Tighe [email protected]

Trump's presidency is going to feel a lot like when Elaine got to run J.Peterman. Only with a lot more human suffering.
- Anthony DeVito [email protected]

Am I worried about North Korea launching their nuclear weapon? Of course not. President Trump will be really mean to them with tweets.
- Michael [email protected]_Halfway

Thanks to @realDonaldTrump, my Canadian citizenship has made me LA's most eligible bachelor.
- Dave Weasel [email protected]

Is it just me or does it seem like Chris Christie keeps being placed in timeout by his drunk dad?
- Ashley Crem [email protected]

Trump One-Liners, Group 3

Going to see the guys at NASA today. Can't wait to show them my Stephen Hawking impression.
- Donald Trump's Diary [email protected]_Diary

2016 is the year that "acceptance" has been removed from the seven stages of grief and replaced with "recount".
- Ashley Crem [email protected]

Hillary's popular vote lead just passed 2.5M. I know how much this tortures Donald Trump, so don't retweet whatever you do.
- Randi Mayem Singer [email protected]

Clinton: 64.7 million
Trump: 62.4 million*
*Caution: Numbers are factual and have not been adjusted to accommodate narcissistic delusion.
- Mark Harris [email protected]


Trump Diplomacy

The Brazilian ambassador meets with Donald Trump, and offers him 50 Brazilian soldiers to help with the fight against terrorism. Trump says, “That’s fantastic!”

Later that day Trump calls his Chief of Staff and tells him about the offer of 50 Brazilian soldiers.

The Chief of Staff says, “That’s fantastic!”

Trump says, “Yes, but remind me again, how many is a ‘Brazilian?’”

One-Liners, Group 4

Trump walks out of the bathroom in a towel. Looks at Melania. "You ready for some orange juice?"
- Grover [email protected]

He was like a T-Rex in bed. Wild, insatiable . . . and completely incapable of undoing her bra with his tiny little hands.
- 50 Shades Of Orange [email protected]

A group of confused and misguided businessmen with a frightening amount of power should be referred to as a Trump.
- Ashley Crem [email protected]

I have a cousin in Georgia who took time out from dying of cancer to berate me on Facebook for not supporting Trump. #TheNewNormal
- Randy Smith [email protected]_Finder

Donald Trump Jokes
Group 5

Wow, I'm really doing badly in my Trump Cabinet pool so far.
- Todd Chappelle [email protected]

Batman promises to drain the swamp of Gotham. Appoints The Joker, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Bane and Goldman Sachs president to his cabinet.
- Grover [email protected]

If these next four years had a soundtrack, Ted Nugent, Nickelback, and Christian Rock would be in heavy rotation.
- Ashley Crem [email protected]

Inventor of the Big Mac just died at the ripe old age of 98.
Trump might be around for awhile...
- Greg Tamblyn

Trump just tweeted that flag burning should be punishable by jail time, and also defrauding students should be rewarded with pie.
- waitwait [email protected]

If burning a flag gets you a year in jail, what's the penalty for this?
- Guy Endore-Kaiser [email protected]

Donald Trump Jokes:
Little Johnny

A 3rd grade teacher in Indiana asked her kids if they knew who Donald Trump was. The kids all raised their hands.

Then she asked them if they liked Donald Trump. The kids all raised their hands except for little Johnny.

“Johnny,” said the teacher, “I see you’ve got your own opinion as usual. Tell us why you don’t like Donald Trump.”

“Because I’m a Liberal,” said Johnny.

“And why are you a Liberal?” asked the teacher.

“Because my Dad’s a Liberal and my Mom’s a Liberal, so I’m a Liberal,” Johnny replied.

“Well if your mom was a moron and your dad was an idiot, what would that make you?” asked the teacher.

Johnny said, “That would make me a person who voted for Trump.”

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